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Made by Visually Impaired People for the Visually Impaired


We aim to manufacture and distribute Buzz Balls worldwide, employ blind/visually impaired people in the business and produce a durable superior ball that will allow the sport to expand.

What is blind tennis:

Blind tennis is an adapted form of tennis that allows blind and partially sighted people to play the game of tennis. The game uses specially adapted audible balls that allow players to hear the ball.

What are Buzz Balls:

Buzz Balls is a trading name give to a tennis ball which has been researched and developed for use in the game of blind tennis. The development process satisfies the requirements for sound emission, durability, colour and bounce.


the current tennis sound balls on the market have low durability as they have been made without a skin. They have been cut in half to insert the inner ball and then glued back together. This makes the balls out of balance  which adversely affects the performance and reduces the strength of the overall structure. They deteriorate very quickly. They do not even last one game.

Buzz Balls  are moulded all in one with the inner ball in situ and integral portholes, thereby  offering endless durability and a long life.. This also means the balls are balanced, and stay true in flight and when rolling on the ground. This is very important for a visually impaired player.

Unique selling point:

Buzz Balls have sound emission holes allowing sound to travel through them easily. The holes also create flight properties that keep the ball true in flight.

Value for money:

The durability, and unique selling point makes Buzz Balls better value for money.