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Made by Visually Impaired People for the Visually Impaired




Product Information

Buzz Balls are moulded all in one with the inner ball in situ and integral portholes, thereby offering endless durability and a long life..
This also means the balls are balanced, and stay true in flight and when rolling on the ground.
This is very important for a visually impaired player.

This three pack of balls utilises a recycled drinks bottle


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Customer Reviews

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Marie - South Wales

Such a friendly company

Bought these after having a new visually impaired member join our scout group, the Ainsworth's were so insightful and really helped us with some ideas for games, its been great and also has really helped to teach the other children to learn about what you take for granted.

Rob Walker - Malvern

Great balls!

My wife and I are both VI and play VI Tennis once or twice a week. We tried these as an alternative to the current balls made in Japan. In comparison Buzz Balls feel better made and more durable though we haven’t had them long enough yet to determine how long lasting they are. But we have played 4-5 hours of tennis so far with no loss of bounce as yet.

They do move a little bit quicker than the current ball as they do feel slightly heavier, and have a stronger bounce. They also bounce straight. Generally they don’t feel too different to play with. You just don’t need to hit them quite as hard. Would recommend them. Plus it is a UK company employing VI people and have a good eco-friendly ethos. All good reasons to support them.